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Kaike Hot Springs

The Kaike hot springs face the Sea of Japan, and lie on the highest point of the Chugoku Region's coastline in the Daisen National Park surrounded by white sand and green pines. The waters there are said to help people suffering from neuralgia, rheumatism, chronic skin conditions, chronic gynecological conditions, to name but a few, and to make the bather's skin beautiful. The Kaike hot springs are especially popular with female bathers. They live up to their billing as the hot springs with "hot water that leaves your skin feeling smooth and looking beautiful."
Kaike Onsen,Yonago-shi, TOTTORI JAPAN
Approximately 30 minutes by car from the berth at the Sakai Port
Approximately 18 kilometers from the berth at the Sakai Port
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TEL +81-857-26-7273
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