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Northwest Pacific Region Cruise Promotion Conference
Executive Office: Tourism Promotion Office, Toyama Prefectural Government
TEL +81-76-444-8752 / FAX +81-76-444-4404
1-7 ShinSogawa, Toyama City, Toyama 930-8501

Each Port

Port of Otaru
Port Office Industry-Port and Harbor Department, Otaru City
TEL +81-134-23-1107 / FAX +81-134-23-1109
Port of Akita, Port of Funagawa, Port of Noshiro
Department of Public Works, Harbor and Airport, Akita Prefecture
TEL +81-18-860-2541 / FAX +81-18-860-3804
Port of Fushiki-Toyama
Tourism Promotion Office, Toyama Prefectual Government
TEL +81-76-444-8752 / FAX +81-76-444-4404
Port of Kyoto
Overseas Economy Division, Department of Commerce, Labor and Tourism, Kyoto Prefecture
TEL +81-75-414-4844 / FAX +81-75-414-4870
Ports Division, Department of Construction and Transportation, Kyoto Prefecture
TEL +81-75-413-5301 / FAX +81-75-432-2074
Port of Sakai
Sakai Port Authority
TEL +81-859-42-3705 / FAX +81-859-42-3735