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Sapporo White Illumination

From Last November to Middle February

An event featuring sparkling illuminations across all of Sapporo. Simply taking a stroll through the city will transport you into an illusory world.

O'Dori Park, Ekimae-Dori, Minami 1-Jo Dori
Sapporo Tourist Association
TEL +81-11-281-6400
Sapporo White Illumination Photo


Morotabune Shinji (Shinto ritual)


This rite relates to the myth regarding the transfer of the land (kuniyuzuri) by a Japanese God Kotoshironushino Mikoto recorded in the Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters) and Nihonshoki (The Chronicles of Japan), as well as another Shinto ritual held in Matsue, Aofushigaki shinji. In antient times, it used to be held on the horse day in November according to the old lunar calendar as the Yaoho festival. Morotabune shinji has caught the attention of people as a devine service showing the attitudes of the heart as Japanese and gathered a lot of participants in it. Dr. Hideki Yukawa, the first Japanese recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics, participated in this ritual twice and told the locals that he found the origin of Japanese in the ceremony.

Mihonoseki-cho, Matsue-shi

Mihonoseki-cho Branch, Matsue Travel Association
TEL +81-852-72-2811
Morotabune Shinji (Shinto ritual) Photo


Crab Festival

Third Sunday

A "Fish and Yokai" collaboration festival.
Yokai is a class of supernatural monsters and spirits in Japanese folklore, which is also featured in the popular comic and cartoon "Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro" Its creator Mr. Shigeru Mizuki was born and raised in Sakaiminato City. The port of Sakai also has the biggest catch of crab in Japan. Don't miss the Parade with Kitaro and trailers full of crab to the Yokai shrine to wish for a good haul!

Mizuki Shigeru Road (Matsugae-cho, Sakaiminato City, Tottori)
Fisheries Division, Sakaiminato City
TEL +81-859-47-1055


Sapporo Snow Festival

Early February

The largest event in Sapporo, famous even overseas, with close to 200 snow statues being placed around the city.

O'Dori Park, and etc.
Sapporo Tourist Association
TEL +81-11-281-6400
Sapporo Snow Festival Photo


Otaru Snow Light Path

Early February - Middle February

The centerpiece of the Hokkaido winter, famous not only across Japan but also around the world. More than 2,000 members of staff and residents work together to bring candlelight to the city streets.

Otaru Canal, Japan National Railways Temiya Line, Asarigawa Onsen(Hot Spring), and etc.
Sightseeing Promotion Room, Otaru City
TEL +81-134-32-4111
Otaru Snow Light Path Photo


Toyama Snowpiad Tateyama Sanroku “Snow Festival”


Visitors can enjoy various all-day activities and events such as futsal matches on the snow, a bingo game, illuminations and fireworks at night.

The Raicho Valley area in the Tateyama Sanroku Ski Resort

Ohyama Kankou Kaihatsu (Tel: +81-76-482-1311)
Toyama Snowpiad Tateyama Sanroku “Snow Festival” Photo


Cherry Blossom Viewing at Matsue Jozan Park

Late March to early April

Approximately 180 cherry trees including Someiyoshino as a main species, Yamazakura and weeping cherry trees are planted in this park. When cherry blossoms are in full bloom, visitors can enjoy the 360-degree beautiful scenery of the pale pink carpet with the view of a castle town from the top of the castle. Also, cherry blossom viewing at night with illuminations from paper lanterns and light-ups is exquisite.

Matsue Jozan Park

Matsue Travel Association
TEL +81-852-27‐5843
Cherry Blossom Viewing at Matsue Jozan Park Photo


Cherry Blossom Viewing at the Bank of the Hii River

Late March to mid-April

The bank of the Hii River was listed in Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots and is one of the best cherry blossom viewing venues in the Chugoku area. A 2-meter long cherry blossom tunnel of 800 cherry trees entertains visitors from late March to early April every year. The City of Unnan assigns "Sakura-mori", the specialists maintaining cherry trees including protecting 80-year-old trees and planting new trees, and commits to the community development through this activity. Cherry blossoms and beautiful lights from paper lanterns at night are full of a Japanese atmosphere and also attract people passing by this area.

Bank of the Hii River (Kisuki-cho, Unnan-shi)

Unnan Tourism Association
TEL +81-854-40-1054
Cherry Blossom Viewing at the Bank of the Hii River Photo


Daiba Park Cherry Blossom Festival

Early April

There are about 350 cherry trees in the park and they are very beauiful in full bloom. 100 Japanese paper lanterns will be displayed around the park and it adds more festive mood at night. The old lighthouse in the park gets lit up and looks as elegant as cherry blossoms.

Daiba Park (Hanamachi, Sakaiminato City, Tottori)
Sakaiminato City Tourism Association
TEL +81-859-47-3880
Daiba Park Cherry Blossom Festival  Photo


Cherry blossom viewing at Takaoka Kojo Park

Early to mid-April

Located in the center of downtown Takaoka, Takaoka Kojo Park opened the ruins of Takaoka Castle built by Toshinaga Maeda, the 2nd feudal lord of the Maeda Clan in the Kaga Domain from 1599 to1605, as the public park since the Meiji period which extended from 1868 to 1912. Although it was abolished by the Ikkoku Ichijo Rei (Law of One Castle per Province) in 1615, its beautiful water moat and foundation were left. Also, this vast castle ruins of approximately 210,000 square meters shows us the vivid natural beauty in all seasons.

Takaoka Kojo Park

Takaoka Kojo Park Management Office (Tel: +81-766-20-1563)
Cherry blossom viewing at Takaoka Kojo Park Photo
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