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Firefly squid boat tour

Early April to early May Finished

In this boat tour, the sightseeing boat sets off the Namerikawa port – one of the largest fishing port in Toyama - before dawn to off-shore fixed net fishing ground. There, visitors will have exclusive experience not only viewing mysteriously glowing sea surface and light of firefly squids but also observing how fishermen actually work.

Namerikawa Fishing Port

Namerikawa Tourism Association (Tel: +81-76-475-0100)
Firefly squid boat tour Photo


Snow Wall Walk(Yuki-no-Otani Walk) 2015

April 15 - June 22 Finished

Spring on the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route means the world famous “snow wall”! When the snowfall around the Murodo terminal is cleared away, it’s then used to make “snow walls.” Once they are connected together these walls form a “snow valley” longer than 500m. The walls form snow banks that collect even more snow, and can reach 20m in height! The “Snow Wall Walk” opens one side of the road up to pedestrian access, and is a popular spot visited by large numbers of tourists every year.

Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route and Murodo
TEL +81-76-431-3331
Snow Wall Walk(Yuki-no-Otani Walk) 2015 Photo


Tonami Tulip Fair

April 20 - May 5 Finished

The Tonami Tulip Fair is a world apart, caressed by a refreshing breeze, under a blue sky, surrounded by vibrantly colored flowers. 600 varieties of tulip, the most anywhere in Japan, blossom in an explosion of color comprising more than 2.5 million flowers! There’s plenty of fun to be had every day during the fair, including a variety of smaller events such as a flower fashion show!

Tonami Tulip Park
TEL +81-763-33-7716
Tonami Tulip Fair Photo


Takaoka Mikurumayama Festival

May 1 Finished

The Takaoka Mikurumayama Festival is the perfect way to reaffirm how wonderful Takayama and its long standing traditions truly are. The beginnings of the festival are said to lie with Hideyoshi Toyotomi, an important historical feudal lord. In 1588, Toyotomi welcomed the Emperor Go-Yozei to his palace in Kyoto using seven lavish court carriages. Toyotomi then gave these to his friend, Toshiie Maeda. When his son, Toshinaga Maeda, built Takaoka Castle in 1609, he then gave the carriages to the people, starting the festival.

Yama-cho and katahara-machi, Takaoka City
Tourism Exchange Division, Takaoka City
TEL +81-766-20-1301
Takaoka Mikurumayama Festival Photo


Fukuno Yotaka Festival

May 1 and 2 Finished

14m-high giant lantern floats are paraded through the streets amidst boisterous cheers of encouragement shouted by men, "Yoi-yasa, yoi-yasa", and boosts up an excited atmosphere of the festival. The late-night jostling at around 11 pm on the 2nd festival day has to be seen. Young men crash and break the opponent's lantern float with the fierce sound of the wooden clappers.

City center of Fukuno-machi

Nanto-city Tourism Association (Tel: +81-763-62-1201)
Fukuno Yotaka Festival Photo


Fushiki Hikiyama Festival "Kenkayama-Fighting Floats"

May 14-15 Finished

The spring festival at Fushiki shrine is a brave and boisterous affair, also known as “Kenkayama” or “Fighting Floats.” The flower adorned floats of the daytime are exchanged with lantern covered ones for the night. Then, accompanied by the marching drums of a Yamaga style military band, six of them are shaken violently and crashed into each other in a battle known as “Kaccha.”

Yama-cho Zone, Fushiki
Tourism Exchange Division, Takaoka City
TEL +81-766-20-1301
Fushiki Hikiyama Festival


Ecchu Daimon Kite Festival

The 3rd Sunday of May Finished

A crowd of colorful kites floats in the beautiful sky of May at Daimon Kite Park. A lot of visitors nationwide and worldwide get together and have fun through flying kites at this event.

Daimon Kite Park

Port and Tourism Division, Imizu City (Tel: +81-766-51-6676)
Ecchu Daimon Kite Festival Photo


Sannou Festival

Every year 31 May- 2 June Finished

The Sannou Festival is the major spring festival held at Hie Jinja, centered around events on the 1st and 2nd of June. One of the most beloved festivals by the people of Toyama City, they often refer to it using with the addition of the Japanese honorific “san”.

Hie Jinja (Shrine)
Hie Jinja (Shrine) TEL +81-76-421-6318
Sannou Festival Photo


Grand Service in Spring at Kamo Shrine- Ushinori Festival and Yabusame

May 31 to June 2 every year Finished

Kamo Shrine conducts a series of devine services: Soume (Horse riding ceremony), Shinko-shiki (ceremony that God leaves the main building of the shrine and is sent to a building located at the opposite side of the hall of worshipers), Shinme-shiki (ceremony that an assigned man holding arrows in his right hand and the reins of 3 sacred horses in his left hand runs through the path for the Yabusame-shiki (See below for further details) from the hall of worship to the Torii gate at the front of the shrine), Ushinori-shiki (ceremony that a young man with warrior costumes straddles a cow, walks the path in the shrine with it followed by other village men and kneels it down on its knees in front of the hall of worship), Kyuhen-shiki (ceremony that a horse rider shoots an arrow to celebrate the peace of the nation and good harvests) and Yabusame-shiki (ceremony that an archer on a running horse shoots three special "turnip-headed" arrows successively at three wooden targets). One of these rituals, Ushinori-shiki, is also called "Ushi-tsubushi (cow smashing). A young man acting as Obi, God of fields, straddles a cow and kneels it down on its knees. By doing so, people wish such God of field to stay with them and celebrate good harvests. Yabusame-shiki, the last ceremony of this event, is a brave ritual that an archer on a running horse shoots arrows successively at wooden targets).

Kamo Shrine

Port and Tourism Division, Imizu City (Tel: +81-766-51-6676)
Grand Service in Spring at Kamo Shrine- Ushinori Festival and Yabusame Photo
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