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Nakano Fishermen's Market

Second Saturday of every month Finished

The market opens once a month from May to September. Local fishermen themselves sell fresh seasonal fish they catch at reasonal prices. Seasonal vegetables or inexpensive light meal with local products are also sold at the market. Please enjoy the lively atmosphere of a fishing village.

Tottori Prefecture fishermen's cooperative association Sakaiminato branch office(Nakano-cho, Sakaiminato City. Tottori)
Fisheries Division, Sakaiminato City
TEL +81-859-47-1055


Yonago Gaina Festival

Late July or early August Finished

The Yonago Gaina Festival is said to be originated from the story that a servant of the Lord of Yonago castle in the Edo period housed the autograph paper by Sugawara no Michizane in the garden shrine to be "Tenman-gu Shrine", and enshrined it in the present Kamo Shrine. The varied festivities include the Gaina Taiko performance, the Gaina Buddhist lantern festival and a spectacular fireworks display to finish off the event.

Anterior of Yonago Station, Minatoyama Park, and others; fireworks at Yonago Bay.

Yonago Gaina Festival Planning Committee
TEL +81-859-22-0018
Yonago Gaina Festival Photo


GeGeGe no Kitaro Geta Toss Competition

August Finished

An official competition that has received authentication from the Japan Geta-Tobashi Association. Traditional geta footwear is tossed directly from the participants foot, mimicking the popular comic and cartoon GeGeGe no Kitaro. In Sakai the wearing of part of Kitaro’s costume is actually now part of the rules, and has to be obeyed, (the office provides the item to participants).

Sakaiminato City
Junior Chamber International Sakaiminato
TEL +81-859-44-2700
GeGeGe no Kitaro Geta Toss Competition Photo


Kitanippon Shimbun Toyama Summer Fireworks Festival

August 1 Finished

Taking place around the downstream of the Arisawa Bridge on the Jinzu River near downtown Toyama, this is the largest fireworks display in Toyama Prefecture. Now held on August 1st each year, this summer evening fireworks display first started 2 years after the 1945 bombing of Toyama (occurred on August 1 and 2, 1945) as a prayer for the repose of the victims’ souls, for peace and for the reconstruction of Japan. Please enjoy this one-night son et lumière show while still praying for peace.

The downstream of the Arisawa Bridge on the Jinzu

Kitanippon Shimbun (Tel: +81-76-445-3367)
Kitanippon Shimbun Toyama Summer Fireworks Festival Photo


Matsue Suigo-sai Festival

Early August Finished

At this festival, one of the biggest fireworks shows in Western Japan is held on the lake. Additionally, visitors can enjoy various events all over the city during daytime and nighttime, including entertainments on the stage and fun programs sponsored by the Matsue Dan-Dan festival that provides food booths. Fireworks dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the death of Fumai-ko, Matsudaira Harusato (the 7th Lord of Matsue), illuminate the night sky in summer.

Lake Shinji

Matsue Suigo-sai Festival Promotion Meeting Secretariat
TEL +81-852-32-0504
Matsue Suigo-sai Festival Photo


Tatemon Festival

August 3 and 4 Finished

This is a festival in which floats with rows of votes lanterns arranged in a triangular sail shape are heroically paraded around by strong young men dressed in happi coats, with the sound and rhyrum of Taiko drums and flutes. Tatemon means a votive object that is offered in front of God to pray for a good catch and safety at sea. This object hangs over 90 lanterns to a triangle shape on a large pole with a approximate height of 16 meters and stands on a base having a length of 10 meters and a total weight of 5 tons. They are paraded from the Uozu coast to the precincts of the Suwa Shrine.
Takaoka Mikurumayama Festival and Tatemon Festival were added to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in December 2016.


Uozu Tourism Association Co., Ltd.
Tatemon Festival Photo


Yasugi Tsuki-no-wa Fireworks Festival

Mid-August Finished

At this festival, various events are held such as divine services, fireworks, a dance competition and many more.

Yasugi City

Commerce and Tourism Department, Yasugi City
TEL +81-854-37-0711
Yasugi Tsuki-no-wa Fireworks Festival  Photo
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