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Cherry Blossom Viewing at Matsue Jozan Park

Late March to early April Finished

Approximately 180 cherry trees including Someiyoshino as a main species, Yamazakura and weeping cherry trees are planted in this park. When cherry blossoms are in full bloom, visitors can enjoy the 360-degree beautiful scenery of the pale pink carpet with the view of a castle town from the top of the castle. Also, cherry blossom viewing at night with illuminations from paper lanterns and light-ups is exquisite.

Matsue Jozan Park

Matsue Travel Association
TEL +81-852-27‐5843
Cherry Blossom Viewing at Matsue Jozan Park Photo


Cherry Blossom Viewing at the Bank of the Hii River

Late March to mid-April Finished

The bank of the Hii River was listed in Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots and is one of the best cherry blossom viewing venues in the Chugoku area. A 2-meter long cherry blossom tunnel of 800 cherry trees entertains visitors from late March to early April every year. The City of Unnan assigns "Sakura-mori", the specialists maintaining cherry trees including protecting 80-year-old trees and planting new trees, and commits to the community development through this activity. Cherry blossoms and beautiful lights from paper lanterns at night are full of a Japanese atmosphere and also attract people passing by this area.

Bank of the Hii River (Kisuki-cho, Unnan-shi)

Unnan Tourism Association
TEL +81-854-40-1054
Cherry Blossom Viewing at the Bank of the Hii River Photo


Daiba Park Cherry Blossom Festival

Early April Finished

There are about 350 cherry trees in the park and they are very beauiful in full bloom. 100 Japanese paper lanterns will be displayed around the park and it adds more festive mood at night. The old lighthouse in the park gets lit up and looks as elegant as cherry blossoms.

Daiba Park (Hanamachi, Sakaiminato City, Tottori)
Sakaiminato City Tourism Association
TEL +81-859-47-3880
Daiba Park Cherry Blossom Festival  Photo


Cherry blossom viewing at Takaoka Kojo Park

Early to mid-April Finished

Located in the center of downtown Takaoka, Takaoka Kojo Park opened the ruins of Takaoka Castle built by Toshinaga Maeda, the 2nd feudal lord of the Maeda Clan in the Kaga Domain from 1599 to1605, as the public park since the Meiji period which extended from 1868 to 1912. Although it was abolished by the Ikkoku Ichijo Rei (Law of One Castle per Province) in 1615, its beautiful water moat and foundation were left. Also, this vast castle ruins of approximately 210,000 square meters shows us the vivid natural beauty in all seasons.

Takaoka Kojo Park

Takaoka Kojo Park Management Office (Tel: +81-766-20-1563)
Cherry blossom viewing at Takaoka Kojo Park Photo


Cherry blossom viewing at Matsukawa Park

Early to mid-April Finished

Although the size of the park was reduced by 1/6 of the original, Toyama Castle Park preseves the history of the Toyama Clan with jyumangoku (a net worth of 100,000 koku of rice), the branch clan of the Kaga Hyakumangoku (the wealthy Kaga Domain with a net worth of 1 million koku of rice) that had lasted for 232 years. The Matsukawa River flowing by the side of the park is a remnant of the Jinzu River, a natural outer moat that protected Toyama castle. Rows of approximately 470 Yoshino cherry trees continue on both banks of the river and this location has been designated as one of Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Sites.

Areas around Matsukawa Park

Parks and Greenery Section, Toyama City Hall (Tel: +81-76-443-2111)
Cherry blossom viewing at Matsukawa Park Photo


Firefly squid boat tour

Early April to early May Finished

In this boat tour, the sightseeing boat sets off the Namerikawa port – one of the largest fishing port in Toyama - before dawn to off-shore fixed net fishing ground. There, visitors will have exclusive experience not only viewing mysteriously glowing sea surface and light of firefly squids but also observing how fishermen actually work.

Namerikawa Fishing Port

Namerikawa Tourism Association (Tel: +81-76-475-0100)
Firefly squid boat tour Photo


Matsue “Musha Gyoretsu” Warrior Procession

Early April Finished

Matsue “Musha Gyoretsu” Warrior Procession is a gorgeous re-enactment of Lord Horie Yoshiharu (the founding father of Matsue), his son/ successor Horie Tadauji and their troops marching through Matsue to make a triumphal entry into Matsue Castle beyond 400 years. Every year, many citizens dress up as brave warriors or princesses in vivid costumes as they parade around the sakura(cherry blossoms)-filled Matsue as they head to their destination, Matsue Castle.

Central areas of Matsue Castle

Matsue Musha Gyoretsu Executive committee
TEL +81-852-27-5843
Matsue “Musha Gyoretsu” Warrior Procession Photo


The 61th All Japan Chindon’ya Contest

April 3-5 Finished

Amid the Matsukawaberi cherry blossom, you may also hear the gongs and drums of the “All Japan Chindon’ya Contest.” This competition for the traditional, Japanese style “one-man band” brings more than 250 professional and amateur Chindon’ya performers to Toyama City. Outrageous outfits are combined with the sound of drums and the three stringed samisen, the results of which fill the venue with peals of laughter.

Toyama City Gymnasium, Heiwa-Dori, Grandplaza, and etc.
Tourism Promotion Division, Toyama City
TEL +81-76-443-2072
The 61th  All Japan Chindon’ya Contest Photo


Nambu Town Cherry Blossom Festival and "Hosshoji Isshiki Kazari"

April 9,10 Finished

Nambu Town is also well known for its cherry blossom, and various events are held during Cherry Blossom Festival and "Hosshoji Isshiki Kazari" is one of them. This is an event in which the locals compete with each other in creating an object using only one type of material. For example, one may make a life-size Samurai statue using only saucers. This event is so unique to the area that it is registered as town's intangible cultural asset. Please take a walk around this town and enjoy its quiet and slow life-style with beautiful cherry blossoms.

Hosshoji Yado (Hosshoji, Nanbu Town, Saihaku-gun, Tottori)
Nanbu Town Tourism Association
TEL +81-859-30-4822


28th Hakuta Tulip Festival

April 10 Finished

Hakuta Tulip Festval is held annually in April. 600 thousand of bright multicolored tulips provide a stunning view to visitors. There will be stalls and vendors who sell local products and delicacies.

Around Hakuta Government office building (Higashimori,Hakuta-cho, Yasugi City, Shimane)
Hakuta Tulip Festival Executive Committee (Hakuta Regional Center)
TEL +81-854-23-3300


Himi Marumage Festival

Mid-April Finished

Unmarried women gathered from public recruitment wear kimono and dress their hair in the marumage style (a hairstyle for married women) filled with the essence of Japan. They then walk gracefully from the house of parish representative, the central shopping area of Himi City to the Senjuji Temple led by the parade of children wearing hats adorned with flowers as the head of such march, the taiko drum float and a portable shrine.

Areas between Himi City Himi-machi shopping street and the Senjuji-temple (13-4 Saiwai-cho, Himi-City, TOYAMA 935-0021, JAPAN)

Himi Tourist Association (Tel: +81-766-74-5250)
Himi Marumage Festival Photo


Snow Wall Walk(Yuki-no-Otani Walk) 2015

April 15 - June 22 Finished

Spring on the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route means the world famous “snow wall”! When the snowfall around the Murodo terminal is cleared away, it’s then used to make “snow walls.” Once they are connected together these walls form a “snow valley” longer than 500m. The walls form snow banks that collect even more snow, and can reach 20m in height! The “Snow Wall Walk” opens one side of the road up to pedestrian access, and is a popular spot visited by large numbers of tourists every year.

Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route and Murodo
TEL +81-76-431-3331
Snow Wall Walk(Yuki-no-Otani Walk) 2015 Photo


Tonami Tulip Fair

April 20 - May 5 Finished

The Tonami Tulip Fair is a world apart, caressed by a refreshing breeze, under a blue sky, surrounded by vibrantly colored flowers. 600 varieties of tulip, the most anywhere in Japan, blossom in an explosion of color comprising more than 2.5 million flowers! There’s plenty of fun to be had every day during the fair, including a variety of smaller events such as a flower fashion show!

Tonami Tulip Park
TEL +81-763-33-7716
Tonami Tulip Fair Photo


Daikon-jima Peony Festival

Late April - Early May Finished

Daikon-jima is known for peonies and ginsen. The cultivation of those plants has been active since Edo period. Peony Festival is held every spring to celebrate the arrival of the peony season. The highlight of the festival is when over 350 peonies are gathered together for a competitive exhibition and it is a spectacular scene.

Around Yatsuka Branch (Hanyu, Yatsuka-cho, Matsue City, Shimane)
Daikon-Shima Peony Festival Executive Committee (Regional Development Division, Yatsuka Branch, Matsue City)
TEL +81-852-55-5822


Yonago Azalea Festival

Late April Finished

Yonago City is filled with around 3,000 flowering azaleas every spring, running for 4km from east to west. A variety of events are held during the festival, including short-walks to enjoy the full blooming flowers, handing-out of seedlings, and local entertainment (Yonago Gaina Daiko drumming etc.).

Yonago City
Yonago Azalea Festival Executive Committee (BSS INC.)
TEL +81-859-33-2111
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