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Daisen Home of Milk

In Daisen Home of Milk, visitors can enjoy the beautiful natural setting and incredible scenery of the place, and the experience of milking cows and making ice cream. The fresh milk is sweet and has a rich flavor, and is featured in the dishes served at the restaurant. Milk and dairy products as well as confectioneries made with the milk make great souvenirs, and there are plenty of options available at the gift shop. Among all the products they have, their special soft-serve ice cream is extremely popular.
2-11 Kobayashi Mizunasihara,Houki-cho, Saihaku-gun, TOTTORI JAPAN
Approximately 50 minutes by car from the berth at the Sakai Port
Approximately 35 kilometers from the berth at the Sakai Port
Official website of Daisen Home of Milk
Tottori Prefecture Tourism and Exchange Bureau Tourism Strategy
TEL +81-857-26-7273
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