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Port of Fushiki-Toyama

One of the best mountain route with the 20m-high gigantic snow wall. Enjoy the marvelous nature!

Tour: About 9 Hours

The international mountainous tour route, Tateyama Alpine Rout, runs through 3,000 m-class mountains of the Northern Alps. You will enjoy the marvelous nature in every season by a cable car, highland bus, trolley bus, and ropeway from Toyama city to Shinano-Omachi. In spring when the route opens for the new season, the 20m-high snow wall welcomes you with its overwhelming scenery.

Port of Fushiki-Toyama

90 minutes by bus

Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route
An international mountainous tour route, Tateyama Alpine Rout, runs through 3,000 m-class mountains of the Northern Alps. Taking 6 vehicles including a cable car, a ropeway, and a trolley bus, you will enjoy the travel with ease. Along the route, you see various features of the natural environment. Examples are the Kurobe Dam, the Japan’s tallest arch dam at 186m, the Shomyo Fall, Japan’s highest waterfall, Midagahara, the one of the largest alpine wetland and registered in the Ramsar Convention, and 3 glaciers, the first registered glaciers in Japan. Every each season has the specialties: the 20m high gigantic snow wall in spring, fresh green leaves in summer, and red and yellow leaves in autumn.
Address2 Senjugahara, Tateyama Town, Toyama
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TEL +81-76-432-2819
Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route Photo
1 Tateyama Station

Tateyama Cable Car (7 minutes)

Tateyama highland Bus (50 minutes)

2 Murodo   Stay: About 90 minutes
Murodo is the highest place in Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. As the center for touring and climbing, it is crowded with visitors. In Murodo you have panoramic views of 3,000m-high Tateyama mountain ranges including the three most famous mountains. You enjoy taking a walk around Mikuriga-ike and Jigoku-dani (hell valley) from here.
Murodo Photo

Tateyama Tunnel Trolley Bus (10 minutes)

Tateyama Ropeway (7 minutes)

3 Kurobe Dam   Stay: About 60 minutes
The Kurobe Dam is an arch dam which is the tallest dam in Japan at 186 meters high. Its structure is so overwhelming that it attracts people visiting there. From late June to mid-October, the water of 10 m3 a minute is discharged for visitors’ enjoyment. In a sunny day, you may see a rainbow across the water. This beautiful scenery is also very popular among visitors.
Kurobe Dam Photo

Tateyama Tunnel Trolley Bus (16 minutes)

4 Ogizawa (Nagano)

210 minutes by bus

Port of Fushiki-Toyama

Port of Fushiki-Toyama
Tateyama Station
Kurobe Dam
Ogizawa (Nagano)