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Port of Akita, Port of Funagawa, Port of Noshiro

The Oyasu Hot Spring village and Inaniwa udon noodle

Tour: About 8 Hours

Yuzawa city is located in the southeast of Akita Prefecture. In the city there are many hot springs. The Oyasu Hot Spring Village is one of them, where you can see steam blowing out dynamically from the valley. Yuzawa city is the home of Inaniwa udon noodle. Enjoy very smooth and beautiful noodles. Furthermore, there is the traditional storage (Uchikura) in Masuda on the way from the Port of Akita to Yuzawa city. You should not miss it.

Port of Akita

About 100 minutes by car (Via expressway)

1 Uchikura of Masuda   Stay: About 30 minutes
After driving 100 minutes in the Akita Expressway from the Port of Akita southwardly, you will get to the traditional storage (Uchikura) in Masuda in Yokote city. The storage is designated as the important preservation district for groups of historic buildings. The traditional appearance will give you images of the prosperity of the Masuda district in the Meiji era and the Taisho era.
AddressMotomachi, Masuda, Masudamachi, Yokote City, Akita
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TEL +81-182-45-5311
Uchikura of Masuda Photo

About 20 minutes by car

2 Inaniwa Udon   Stay: About 60 minutes
Inaniwa Udon is available at hotels and restaurants in Yuzawa city. Usually these restaurants have various side dishes, such as Tempura or Japanese pickles, with characteristics of each restaurant.
AddressYuzawa City
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TEL +81-0183-43-2029
Inaniwa Udon Photo

About 20 minutes by car

3 Kawatsura Lacquerware Traditional Crafts Centre   Stay: About 30 minutes
There are a museum area and a museum shop in the Kawatsura Lacquerware Traditional Crafts Centre. You can learn about the 800-year history of Kawatsure Lacquer war, which is the traditional draft designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. Why don’t you buy some for souvenirs?
Address142-1 Odatenakano, Kawatsura-cho, Yuzawa City
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TEL +81-183-42-2410
Kawatsura Lacquerware Traditional Crafts Centre Photo

About 30 minutes by car

4 Oyasukyo Onsen(Hot Spring) Daifuntoh   Stay: About 60 minutes
Steam blows up tremendously from crevices in the rocks near the walking trail in the valley floor. From there you will see very beautiful color contrast of the red bridge, blue sky and green leaves. There is a footbath nearby. Have a lazy time there.
AddressParking in Daifuntoh, Oyasukyo
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TEL +81-183-47-5080
Oyasukyo Onsen(Hot Spring) Daifuntoh Photo

About 120 minutes by car

Port of Akita

Port of Akita
Uchikura of Masuda
Inaniwa Udon
Kawatsura Lacquerware Traditional Crafts Centre
Oyasukyo Onsen(Hot Spring) Daifuntoh