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Etchu Yatsuo Owara Dance -Kaze no Bon-

Every year September 1-3 Finished

Etchu Yatsuo is a town located in a mountain gorge south west of Toyama City. The “Etchu Owara Dance” has been performed here for more than 300 years. This lyrical song and dance is very dignified, with an elegance amid its melancholic tone. The “machinagashi” dance is performed in 11 places within the town. In addition, each branch of the Owara Preservation Society performs their own dance on a stage in the grounds of Yatsuo Elementary School.

Owara Dance: Yatsuo-machi Zone, Toyama City
Owara Theater: Ground of Yatsuo Elementary School
Tourism Division, Toyama Prefectural Government
TEL +81-76-454-5138
Etchu Yatsuo Owara Dance -Kaze no Bon- Photo


Johana Mugiya Matsuri Festival

Saturday, September 15 and Sunday, 16 (Held every year on the Saturday and Sunday just before the 3rd Monday in September, Respect for the Elderly day in Japan) Finished

Visitors must see performers from every district in town and folk song organizations gather to dance and sing Mugiyabushi on the atmospheric streets. This street performance is very popular and one of the highlights of the festival every year! Also, they will enjoy the nationwide Mugiya Odori dance and Mugiyabushi singing contests on the special stage called Johana-za. This event attract the huge applauses and cheers.

Johana-machi, Nanto-City

Johana Mugiya Matsuri Festival Council (Tel: +81-763-62-1821)
Johana Mugiya Matsuri Festival Photo


Ebie Hikiyama Festival (Ebie Float Festival)

Sunday, September 23 Finished

The autumn festival of the Ebie Kamo Shrine, called Ebie Hikiyama (float) Festival, takes place on the Autumnal Equinox Day every year. The three floats were decorated with “Hanayama (defined as flower decorations)” during the daytime and “Chochin yama (defined as lanterns)” at night. It is quite dazzling to see these creaking floats making a stately progress to the graceful music of hikiyama hayashi, a festival music played with Japanese drums and flutes. The highlight of these floats is the Karakuri dolls, the mechanical dolls installed at the front!

Throughout the areas storing and conserving festival floats in the Ebie district

Imizu City Tourism Association (Tel: +81-766-84-4649)
Ebie Hikiyama Festival (Ebie Float Festival) Photo
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