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Port of Akita, Port of Funagawa, Port of Noshiro

Tour in the Oga Peninsula

Tour: About 7 Hours

Oga’s Namahage is a seasonal event and were designated officially as an important intangible cultural asset. You can lean about Namahage with a lot of materials and have an experience with it. The Oga Peninsula is registered as the geopark, since it has distinctive landscapes. Visit to the Oga Aquarium GAO to see animals including very cute polar bears and penguins. From Mt. Kampu you can see the paddy fields which were constructed by reclamation of the 220 km2 lake area. It is just wonderful 360-degree view!

Port of Funagawa

About 20 minutes by car

1 Oni no Kakurezato   Stay: About 20 minutes
Various shaped stones are piled up in one place to be a small mountain. This is called “Oni no Kakurezato (a hidden home of devils).” One of the stones is called “Kobo no Suzuri-ishi (Kobo’s ink stone).” The stone has a hole at the center where there is always water and it is never dried up.
AddressKampuzan, Oganakatakigawa, Oga City, Akita
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TEL +81-185-24-4700
Oni no Kakurezato Photo

About 5 minutes by car

2 Mt. Kampu   Stay: About 30 minutes
Mt. Kampu has the green surface with the blue sky above it. There is a rotating observation deck, from where you can see from Mt. Chokai at the south edge, the Port of Noshiro and Shirakami-sanchi in the north, Hachirogata in the east, and the Sea of Japan in the west. Enjoy the distinctive 360-degree view.
Address62-1, Kampuzan, Wakimoto Tominaga, Oga City, Akita
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TEL +81-185-25-3055
Mt. Kampu Photo

About 20 minutes by car

3 Takino-gashira   Stay: About 20 minutes
Water springs incessantly to make a very mysterious green pond. The water amount is springing 25,000 tonnage a day. This is a very important water source of Oga city.
AddressKamishibikawa, Iriaishibikawa, Oga City, Akita
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Takino-gashira Photo

About 30 minutes by car

4 NamahageMuseum & OgaShinzan Folklore Museum   Stay: About 60 minutes
Why was Namahage created? Let’s learn about the origin and have the Namahage experiences at the NamahageMeuseum and the OgaShinzan Folklore Museum. These two museums are located near Shinzan, which is famous for the spiritual place.
AddressMizukuisawa, Kitaura Shinzan, Oga City, Akita
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TEL +81-185-22-5050
NamahageMuseum & OgaShinzan Folklore Museum Photo

About 10 minutes by car

5 Oga Onsen Village(Hot Spring)   Stay: About 60 minutes
Why don’t you try stone-cooking? In Stone-cooking, a heated stone is dropped into a bowl with ingredients and water in it, and the dish will be ready at once. This is available at the Oga Onsen Hot Spring Village. In addition to this, there are various fresh seafood dishes are served.
AddressKusakihara, Kitaurayumoto, Oga City, Akita
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TEL +81-185-33-3191
Oga Onsen Village(Hot Spring) Photo

About 20 minutes by car

6 Oga Aquarium GAO   Stay: About 60 minutes
GAO has 10,000 animals of 400 kinds. Especially, the huge aquarium is very impressive. There is the restaurant and museum shop too. In the restaurant you can have a meal with view of Oga’s ocean. At the shop get very cute animal dolls as souvenirs.
AddressTogashiohama, Oga City, Akita
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TEL +81-185-32-2221
Oga Aquarium GAO Photo

About 40 minutes by car

Port of Funagawa

Port of Funagawa
Oni no Kakurezato
Mt. Kampu
NamahageMuseum & OgaShinzan Folklore Museum
Oga Onsen Village(Hot Spring)
Oga Aquarium GAO